ESG Practice Code of Conduct

All employees of Dooil TPS adhere to the following principles in corporate ESG responsibility management:

1. Comply with the principles of legal management in all situations.

2. Do not distort facts in any business activities, and report all matters promptly.

3. Clearly distinguish between public and personal interests in business activities, cherish the company's information and assets, and do not exploit them for personal gain.

4. Adhere to etiquette between colleagues and refrain from inappropriate behavior such as harassment and verbal abuse.

5. Do not give or follow unjust instructions.

6. Make mutual efforts to foster a healthy corporate culture, conduct fair evaluations based on job performance and abilities, and create a conducive environment for everyone.

7. Neither accept nor request monetary benefits, gifts, or favors from internal or external stakeholders under any circumstances.

8. Prioritize compliance with commitments to clients and the enhancement of value in business activities, always striving for rational decision-making.

9. Make every effort towards the development of eco-friendly products and the early achievement of ESG missions.

10. Report any violation or suspected violation of the ESG practice code of conduct and abide by the decisions of the ESG promotion office.


All employees of Dooil TPS must strictly adhere to the above provisions for the practice of corporate ESG responsibility.



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